Sarai Blincoe

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Blincoe is an expert and researcher in the development, maintenance and disruption of trust and respect in multiple relationship contexts (e.g. romantic partner, military-civilian, teacher-student and parent-child). She is trained in several advanced statistical techniques, including meta-analysis, structural equation modeling, dyadic diary analysis and multilevel modeling.

Blincoe has most recently collaborated on a manual for military members that applies social psychology and cross-cultural psychology to counterinsurgency settings and has researched academic entitlement, specifically how students are thinking and behaving in entitled ways when it comes to their education. She holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Kentucky. She has been at Longwood University since 2012.

Publications / Media References

Blincoe’s work has been the subject of several news articles, including in The Farmville Herald, and has appeared in numerous academic journals, including Journal for Research in Personality, Handbooks of Communication Science, Advances in Design for Cross-Cultural Activities, Motivation and Emotion, European Journal of Social Psychology and Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Areas of Expertise